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The Future is MyPreOrder

“MyPreOrder lets your customers order and pay in advance.

We have been a proud supporter of MyPreOrder since it was established nearly a year ago. Have you ever been waiting in line at your favourite café and wondered: “I wish I could just pickup my coffee and go!”? That’s the beauty of MyPreOrderyou can. It is as simple as registering for an account, topping up your account and placing an online order for any item available at your café. Then simply visit your café and pickup your order – it’s already been paid for!

Why not take a look at The Deck Cafe who are currently using the MyPreOrder system. A live example of the menu can be seen by browsing to We love the simple menu and the fact that we can browse the menu from our web browser or any mobile and/or tablet device. One look at the beautiful interface design of the mobile friendly menu and you will want to order.

How does it work?

Why not run through a case study?

CASE STUDY: Play Espresso, Subiaco

As owner-operators of an independent business, Ian and Sharon were genuinely concerned about losing customers to long wait times.

Play began as a small espresso and wine bar near the heart of fashionable Subiaco. A year later, when Ian and Sharon took over, the café had become a bustling central for office staff in the area. Each train and bus would deliver a crowd eager for breakfast and morning coffee.

Business was good and growing beyond that which Play could accommodate. Customers would often leave at the sight of a queue rapidly amassing. We approached Play with mypreorder, which let their customers order ahead and pay in advance. This meant Play could prepare the order before arrival, saving time for everyone – even customers who didn’t pre-order, as transactions could happen much faster. Staff found more free time, which was previously spent taking orders and taking payments. Finally, because everything was paid for up front, the business was insured against no-shows.

Ian, Sharon and their staff decide how much of their menu to feature, with the ability to upsell, combine and promote more items as desired – and noticed an increase in the average order size per customer using the mypreorder system.

No queues, shorter queues and more efficient service has allowed Play to retain the customers they have as well as attract new customers who enjoy how easy it is to grab a bite. Sales to newcomers alone have paid for the system several times over.

Time to Pre Order!

We would love to see this service offered in all of our favourite restaurants, retail stores and Cafés. There is only one thing left to do for MyPreOrder……..come to Queensland and reduce our wait time too!

If you are interested in adding the MyPreOrder system to your business, contact MyPreOrder today.


MW says GIMME!


Gimme Shopping Search AustraliaThe BEST way to shop online

Merchant Warrior is proud to support one of its clients in their new venture into the online shopping space. We believe that this is a great service that will not only benefit consumers but also benefit our merchants that are looking for greater exposure.

What is Gimme.Com.Au?

Gimme Shopping is an exciting new Australian shopping search and comparison service. The biggest problem for shoppers when using current shopping search sites is that they display results based on how much stores are paying them, not necessarily the best or cheapest results.  This means that shoppers are misled into thinking the products displayed at the top of search results are better, when in fact they are simply the stores who pay the most for a click.

While misleading search results should be a concern for shoppers, there are issues for online stores as well. Major shopping search services use a Pay Per Click (PPC) model to charge stores who list with them. This means that online stores pay for traffic in the form of clicks, even when the clicks are from a competitor checking prices or a customer simply doing research which don’t generate a sale.

Gimme Shopping’s unique model solves these problems.  At Gimme Shopping our results are pure and based only on matches to relevant product information such as product names and descriptions. Gimme Shopping prefers to use a Pay Per Sale (PPS) model whereby commission is only paid on verified sales, and at a rate set by the online store.  This is a much fairer model, and is risk free for online stores who don’t want to pay for traffic with no guarantee of results.

The Gimme Shopping performance based model certainly seems to have hit a chord with online stores with over 1000 stores partnering with Gimme in the first 6 months providing shoppers with easy access to millions of products across a huge range of categories including Electronics, Digital Cameras, Fashion, Wine and Home & Garden.

Visit Gimme Shopping to get the best results for products from a huge range of Australian online stores.  Research products before you buy and compare products and prices from Australia’s largest and fastest growing online shopping network.

Sign me up!

Merchants looking to increase their exposure and join Gimme’s increasing list of online stores should do so by clicking here for further information.

We wish the best of luck!