MW Auth & Capture

Authorization & Capture support

The Merchant Warrior Payment Gateway now supports Authorization and Capture for merchants through both the Merchant Administration Panel and API. A full explanation of exactly how Authorization and Capture operates and why certain merchants require it can be found at the Authorization & Capture article at Australia’s Payments Gateway Resource.

We have worked closely with our merchants to implement Authorization & Capture capabilities the right way. The Authorization & Capture feature is available through both the Merchant Warrior Direct API and Transparent Redirect.

Who needs Authorization and Capture support?

There are specific business models that will require the ability to have control over when they issue a credit card Authorization and credit card Capture. A simple example of this would be a computer repair company that sent out employees to fix computer problems. Assuming they have a service cost of $50 this is how the process would look:

  • The Customer books computer repair specialist for $50
  • The Computer repair company issues a credit card Authorization for $50 to the customer’s credit card
  • The credit card Authorization is successful and therefore the Computer repair company knows that the Customer has the funds
  • A computer repair specialist is sent to the Customer’s house on the booking date which happens to be three days later
  • The computer repair specialists fixes the customer’s issue and notifies head office that the job has been completed
  • The computer repair company issues a credit card Capture for $50 from the customer’s credit card
  • The $50 is then transferred from the customer’s account to the computer repair company’s settlement account

This is a simple scenario in which the merchant can benefit from having control over when they issue a credit card Authorization and credit card Capture.

Merchant Warrior likes to K.I.S.S

Our merchants benefit from our features and Payment Gateway functionality due to the K.I.S.S (Keep it simple, stupid!) design principle that we follow. The video below demonstrates a brief overview of the Authorization and  Capture functionality through the MW Merchant Administration Panel.


Feel free to contact us if your business payment model requires Authorization and Capture functionality.


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