MW Welcomes Broo!

You Brooty!

Broo - Australia. Our Home. Our Beer.

As we all prepare for Australia day one man has set his goals helping all Australian’s ‘Live The Dream’. Kent Grogan is offering 10 shares for each carton of Broo beer purchased from his website come tomorrow. The idea behind this is to keep Broo 100% Australian owned and give each Australian the chance to take part in being a part of an Australian beer company. It’s also great to see the Broo team supporting the flood victims by offering to donate to those flood effected communities.

“Broo is 100% Australian owned and has the belief that beer is beer, great beer is better and we should all drink great beer. Broo stands for a lot of people. It’s for everyone who works hard, everyone who did, everyone who can’t, won’t or doesn’t need to. It stands for pride in our country and it’s dedicated to everyone who cared enough about this country to do something about it. It’s about having a go, getting it done, getting up and getting on with it. It’s a bloody road sign on a stubby of beer, nothing subtle about that, but deadly proud and broodifully honest. Come on the ride with us. Get onto the Broo. Stay on the Broo.”


Have a Session!

We wish Kent and the Broo team all the best and would like to know that we’ll be right behind them doing our part to keep Broo Australian owned. What better way to celebrate Australia day than to crack open a nice cold Broo and celebrate the country we live in.


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